If I don't like the shoes or they don't fit, can I return them for a refund or a different size?

No. All Outlet Store purchases are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can I get a free resoling when I purchase a second pair?

No. Shoes from the Outlet Store do not qualify for free resolings, and none of the benefits from past orders at SOMFootwear.com (through Shipping Prime or SOM VIP) apply to Factory 2nds footwear.

I've never worn minimalist/barefoot footwear, what should I expect?

We believe feet are happiest when there is as little between them and the ground as possible. Our shoes do not have arch support, elevated heels, or extra padding/cushion. They are designed to feel as though you are barefoot while in them.

Our zero drop soles are 8mm thick with a 2mm insole that can be removed to insert a custom orthotic. If you are comfortable walking barefoot, you will be right at home in SOMs.

What is my shoe size?

We recommend going with the size you normally wear, but since there are no returns or exchanges on outlet shoes, please reference our sizing chart and printable sizing outlines to make the best decision before purchasing. We are not responsible if the shoes you buy do not fit.